St. Ambrose said it well


Screaming into a pillow


This Viral beautiful...

This story is absolutely touching all the reasons, the right reasons to carry on..!!!

A Nursing Home & A Preschool, a most beautiful story

Father's Day

Is there a way for children who had this happen to their dad when they were still growing up to get it, how to "Do Father's Day?"......

another story.... grown son reconciling with his father...

June Now!

Blink! Now it's summer!! (ok, officially in 3 weeks...) 
Got Jim to the house several times in recent weeks for gorgeous days, nice walks, hugs, sunshine!
We saw one of the oldest Memorial Day Parades in the country yesterday too.
So Glad Jim got to see some young folk & some marching bands!
He used to play in the band in high school..... penny for his thoughts when he hears a trombone...

Mother's Day, Our Mom Rocks!!